Decadance Urban Underground
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So you're a geezer wanting to throw the ultimate party, bagging the hottest birds in your flatter-than-flat flat. But what do you have to offer? Liquor? Ganja? Ok, that's a start, but if you toe down with this triple party-starter you'll sure to be scorin' heavy.

Direct from the UK is delivered Urban Underground via the Shaanti Crew. Packed in are the tightest tracks with exclusive remixes guaranteed to turn that lame chip-n-dip party to full-blown rump-rocker. Just make sure your subs are active and you've dropped enough sleeping pills in your elderly neighbour's evening tea (don't forget that annoying tiny white poodle of hers).

Once all potential disturbances are quietly removed, start with DISC 3 first. A sweet mix of breaks, bhangra and pop, it's a good warmer at 8 pm. Spotlights on: "Noorie," "All That and a Bag of Chips," and the no-frills "Mundian To Bach Ke."

When you feel it's high time to get the panties bubblin, drop DISC 1. Kicking off with a catchy remix of Artful Dodger's "Rufneck Sound" then getting lowdown with a very nasty remix of PMC's now ubiquitous "Mundian To Bach Ke," Urban Underground really shines on this disc of three. An electro-clash juggernaut of a remix, the Moonbootika version of PMC is perhaps the winner (followed closely by Bally Sagoo's Dnb rmx of "Noorie" off the third disc).

Shabz delivers the old school flavas back to back followed by a dirty remix of ADF's "Strong Culture" from Juttla/Charged (originally hitting you from the Frontline: 1993-97 Rarities And Remixes compilation). A slightly annoying remix of B+S' "Signs" closes this 1st cd.

On to the 2nd:
This is the finisher of the night. It's 3:30 AM, only the hardcore are lingering, wannabe's left an hour ago. This is when the old school DnB flavas are released, perfect for spliff-rollin and shit-talkin. Killer dnb hits such as Q Project's "Champion Sound" glow with various moods, while harshers like TGU's "Eyeway Souljam [Hardknox Toxic Mix]" jolt you into finding the skip button on the remote. Luckily, we find cool remedy in Swami's "Chez Toi Ou Chez Moi?," Episode 13's "Sajanna," and Sahotas' "Stage 3" shortly thereafter.

While Urban Underground may find itself competing with other UK offerings such as the Essential Asian Flavas family and a stew of no-name triple-quad-sextuple cd anthologies of bhangradom, Urban will surely set the standard to meet.

ethnotechno rating: 4 out of 5
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  1. Artful Dodger :: Ruffneck Sound (Basement Mix) (pick)
  2. Panjabi MC :: Mundian To Bach Ke (Moonbootika Mix) (pick)
  3. Jaimeson feat. Angel Blu :: TRUE
  4. Dum Dum project Feat. The1Shanti :: Panjabi 5-0 (pick)
  5. Partners In Rhyme :: Pyar Kehta Kai
  6. Swami :: Mehbooba (VP from UP)
  7. Shabz :: Desi Rider
  8. Shabz :: Armageddon
  9. ADF :: Strong Culture (Juttla/Charged Remix)
  10. Badmarsh & Shri :: Signs (Blowfelt Mix)
  1. The Ganja Cru :: Super Sharp Shooter
  2. Renegade :: Terrorist
  3. Shimon & Andy C :: Bodyrock
  4. Juttla :: Dhol Steppa
  5. Gunjan :: Elevation
  6. Q Project :: Champion Sound (pick)
  7. Transglobal Underground :: Eyeway Souljah.
  8. Swami :: Chez Toi Ou Chez Moi? (pick)
  9. Episode 13 :: Sajanna
  10. Sahotas :: Stage 3 (pick)
  1. Panjabi MC :: Mundian To Bach Ke (pick)
  2. Mindi Dhaliwal :: Jatt Da Gundashah
  3. Juki Ranks :: Strategy
  4. Beenie Man Who Am I?
  5. Stereo Nation :: Mitran
  6. Catch 22 Baby Baby
  7. Bally Sagoo :: Noorie (D&B Mix) (pick)
  8. 2AM Project :: Ik Kurri
  9. Vabiva :: Sexy Baby
  10. Hil Street Soul :: All That (And A Bag 'O Chips) (pick)