Untouchable Outcaste Beats
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Perhaps at the time it came out, but in the wake of Badmarsh, Shri, and Sawhney's newer material, this album is starting to feel 'used.' There are some very oldschool tunes from the Dave Pike Set and Ananda Shanker (while he was still alive - not a postmortem tribute thing) that seem to get in the way of the rest of the album, but nonetheless the gems of the Outcaste label shine in this compilation: Badmarsh, Shri, Nitin Sawhney, Niraj Chag.

People call Talvin the leader of the asian underground movement, but when one's as well known as Talvin is, how can one be 'underground?' These guys easily outrank Talvin as heads of the asian underground, mapping the hidden passageways and secret tunnels, revealing that all exits lead to the Outcaste label.

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  1. Mathar :: Dave Pike Set
  2. Streets of Calcutta :: Shankar, Ananda
  3. Cybersitar :: Dance Music Federation
  4. Theme for the Outcaste :: Pressure Drop
  5. The Hand of Contraband :: Up, Bustle&Out
  6. Meditation :: Shri (pick)
  7. Bengali Song :: Nitin Sawhney (pick)
  8. Stay Right Here :: Beter Daze
  9. Mind Filter :: T.J. Rehmi
  10. Take off Your Clothes to Feel the Setting Sun :: Wolfgang Qu Dauner
  11. Jungle Sitars :: Badmarsh
  12. The Firefly :: Niraj Chag (pick)
  13. Streets :: Nitin Sawhney
  14. Trains :: Shri (pick)