Six Degrees Series :: Traveler '99
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Not too impressive if you get it after 1999. I already had most of the music on original cds and other compilations by the time i bought this, but if it were to have been my first Traveler Series purchase, I think it would've been a pleasant experience. Bob Holroyd makes his Six Degrees debut here with "Waking the Spirits" from his previous label Soundscape.

Included are (once) exclusive mixes from Fila Brazilia, Toby Marks, Uman.

ethnotechno rating: 3 out of 5
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  1. Berimbau :: OS Cariocas
  2. Bird's Eye View (Rhythmic Remix) :: Uman (pick)
  3. Waking The Spirits (Loop Guru Extended Strawberry Mix) :: Bob Holroyd
  4. The Spectacle (Guy Debored Est Mort Edit) :: Yam Yam
  5. Fundal :: Lungiswa Plaatjies
  6. Dellirium (Fila Brazilia Remix) :: Euphoria
  7. A Loop In Time (Banco De Gaia Remix) :: Wally Brill (pick)
  8. Ganga Dev :: Dj Cheb I Sabbah
  9. I Love Baby Cheesy (Skippy Mix) :: Banco De Gaia (pick)
  10. Darshannon :: Celtic Cross (pick)
  11. Bayeza :: Pops Mohamed And The London Sound Collective