Six Degrees Series :: Traveler '02
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Ahh yes, it's that time of year again: koooL dRRinks (Limca perhaps?), slow rides (top down), sundresses (undies optional), and smoothe tunes (enter Traveler '02)...

The 6D Crew hits you with the newest installment of the Traveler Series just in time for the NYC Drought, so crack open your favourite brand of price-gouged, rebottled Detroit tap-water and enjoy the one good thing in your life: smoov tunes.

The comp opens with a happy-go-lucky Latin cut from Batidos that immediately gets you out of your seat, followed up by an equally groovy "Rafiki [Hi Life Mix]" from Bob Holroyd. (Finally, something new from Holroyd, a taste of what's to come on his new cd....).

The flow mellows a bit with "Yambu Rock" and "Dama," gets earthy with Chebi's "Gulshan Pak," an exclusive track, and picks back up with a salsa n bass-y "Soy Callerjero [Mark Pistel Mix]."

With gems throughout, including Karsh's "Jah Has Kool Girl," and Aromabar's remix of dZian & Kamien's "Smile," Traveler 02 really delivers the final muscle-relaxing blow with the Michael Franti & Spearhead's "Stay Human [Stereo Steamabath Mix]." This joint is perhaps the best on the whole cd, perfect for cruzin in your Saab or Hyundi on a hot summer day in Brooklyn, San Fran, or Cleveland; fully representing your hard-earned 30-something wisdom-hood.

Dig it.

ethnotechno rating: 4 out of 5
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  1. Tengo Sed :: Batidos (pick)
  2. Rafiki :: Bob Holroyd
  3. Yambu Rock :: Bobi Cespedes
  4. Dama :: Issa Bagayogo (pick)
  5. Gulshan Paak :: DJ Cheb I Sabbah (pick)
  6. Soy Callejero :: Los Mocosos
  7. Le Le Lengwe :: Hawke (pick)
  8. ah Has Kool Girl :: Karsh Kale (pick)
  9. Smile :: dZihan & Kamien (pick)
  10. Stay Human :: Michael Franti & Spearhead (pick)