Turntables on the Hudson 6 :: Mixed by Nickodemus
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Turntables on the Hudson was built as a community affair, becoming New York's first weekly outdoor jam. In the six years since inception, tens of thousands of music fans have come to connect, dance and enjoy the most progressive sound and friendly gathering around. While the party shifts venues during seasons, the main residency remains the infamous Frying Pan (situated on Manhattan's West Side, just behind Chelsea Piers). With the pier open and DJs rocking on the water and inside the boat, there is simply no better place to be on a summer Friday night.

A warm breeze cools the heated dance floor, Nappy G toasting and drumming the night into dawn while Nickodemus and Mariano keep the tables rocking and, of course, a penchant for the unexpected. Perhaps a guest vocalist emerges or an entire Balkan brass band blares into midnight. Dozens of dancers converge onto the stage while Nappy's gig bag is raided; within moments the entire area is a percussion section. The only constant is the smiles, whether of fascination or simply lost in the groove. That groove is what makes this party so special.

Only one thing creates this type of environment: friends. So for this latest installment in the annual series, Nappy announces it best on the opening "Sixtro": "Turntables on the Hudson 6 - REMIX!" While this particular song is a crafty, bottom-heavy banger supplied by regular guest DJ Sabo, the rest of the record relies on help from their crew. Taking songs from the first five TOTH releases, this is a revisioning of sorts: new takes on the tracks that made these albums so great. In the process, another dance floor classic has been born.

There's no better lead in than a retake of Nickodemus' classic "Cleopatra In NY," featuring the inimitable Carol C on vocals. Vienna-based DJ Karuan replaces the already bouncing bass line and picks up the BPM with a tasteful, midtempo percussive-driven track. The added guitar gives it a smooth atmosphere to work within. Nickodemus returns next with longtime partner Osiris on a Dublex Inc. take on "Free Souls." This gets the disc really moving, creating a definite theme for future parties.

The Latin vibe is traversed next with Marzebian's cowbell-driven "Che Lingua" and a remake of Candela All-Stars' "Brombombique" by Matthias Heilborn. The nine-minute latter cut is a perfect mid-party jam, with driving keys interspersed throughout. Ill Factor and Radio Mundial's Jean Shepherd take another Marzebian cut, "Let it Ride," slicing and slightly dubbing it out. Dub is the obvious nature of Beat Pharmacy's "Jump," a reworking of Sabo and Zeb's banger from Volume Five. A Jugoe remix of Zeb's "The Circle" gives it a little lift as a fitting closer.

The names mentioned are already familiar to fans, albeit in new and imaginative ways. Volume Six is the perfect present to everyone involved: an affirmation of sound that this community is producing some of the most forward-thinking and enjoyable dance tracks around. And in the end, all that matters is the dance.

ethnotechno rating: 5 out of 5
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  1. Sixtro :: Nappy G, Sabo
  2. Cleopatra in New York [Karuan Remix] [Mix] :: Carol C., Nickodemus (pick)
  3. Free Souls Part 3 [Dublex Inc. Remix] [Mix] :: Nickodemus, , Osiris (pick)
  4. Che Lingua :: Marzebian
  5. Brobombique [Matthias Heilbron Remix] [Mix] :: Candela Allstars (pick)
  6. Let It Ride [Ill Factor & Jean Shepherd Remix] [Mix] :: Marzebian
  7. Wang Doodler Samba [DJ Chillfreez Mix] [Mix] :: Dink Suoitinrev
  8. Puerto Rico Pa Gozar :: Candela Allstars, Nickodemus, Quantic
  9. Faruk's Funk :: Richard Khuzami
  10. Bateria Virtual [DJ Enredo Remix] [Mix] :: Pleaser
  11. Jump [Beat Pharmacy Remix] [Mix] :: Nappy G, Sabo, Zeb
  12. Circle [Jugoe Remix] [Mix] :: Zeb