Toires :: Oued Sanati
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Florian Seriat, the French maestro behind Toires has created a highly intelligent and unique album with "Oued-sanati". (A limited pressing double disc is available on Dakini records, link below is for the SINGLE EDITION ONLY.) "Oued Sanati" is composed of some of the most fascinating fusion I have ever heard in the Arabic genre. As a whole this album combines production techniques and sounds most commonly found in Ambient/Psybient & Dub. Clearly, these styles really haven't been explored within this subcontinent's traditional music to the extent found here. Layers upon layers of sounds both electronic & traditional flow seamlessly together. Using both samples & inviting musicians from Caucasus and Morocco to play, Toires has created a work of art. Heavily textured with an outstanding talent for composition & diversity.

The opening track "Haytama" is a conglomerate of subtle conversations comprised of female vocals, strings & ambient textures. It inspires visions of a desert sunrise, floating in the first light of the sun, the sounds will surround you and take you there. Followed by "Kamoun Soufi," another ambient journey with the doumbek, a thick bassline, vocals and sampled whirling dervishes. A very powerful track which blows my mind every time I hear it. "Ma Wa'l Hob", "Mustahil", "Toinet" are all down tempo dance tracks which I regularly spin out among others. Within these titles are fierce bass lines, and once again a very deep traditional feel to each & every track. "Sanati" features vocals by Natacha Atlas in another down tempo/trip hop track. Other instruments in "Sanati" are the Qanun, tabla & harmonium. I could go on and on about the many awesome tracks & what makes them so great, but I won't, you'll just have to go get it and discover this gem of a album.

This double disc is a discourse in sound. I've discovered so much from the ingenuously-crafted soundscapes explored in this album. Many of the sounds are new, many are ancient. What awes me is the excellence in which the two is "fused." This album fulfills every need of the traditional and electronic music enthusiast. This is by far my favourite Arabic electronic album released yet (and that's saying a lot). It's a masterpiece which is intended to expand your mind, ranging from full-on dance tracks to ambient soundscapes. I highly recommend this album to everyone who has an interest in Arabic electronic music.

This is just the beginning for Toires releases. In 2003 we will find the release of the remix album. In 2004, the release of a double disc live album. With the continued releases & example set by Toires, the Western/Arabic genre will continue to grow and enlighten.

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ethnotechno rating: 5 out of 5
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  1. Haytama
  2. Kamoun Soufi
  3. Ma Wa'l Hob (pick)
  4. Sanati (pick)
  5. Market Beach
  6. Mustahil (pick)
  7. Nabab (pick)
  8. Sidi'h Bibi
  9. Toinet (pick)
  10. Bessma
  11. Layoun Lokdhor

  1. Lelital (pick)
  2. Barmanu
  3. Honeymoon in Africa (pick)
  4. Azif Laile
  5. Smoking Gun (pick)
  6. Tali (pick)
  7. Kia
  8. Menara
  9. Nafas Al Ayat