TJ Rehmi :: Invisible Rain
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The most under-rated asian mixologist has arrived with his US debut Invisible Rain, and he will be heard.

T.J. Rehmi's already been included on a number of compilations, and has other solo releases, all of which are good, but this is the album that will define him as a major player in the east-meets-west scene. Witness the tranquil tablas and sonic sitars flowing through a sea of forgetfulness. Hear the pacific beats and smooth grooves fill your head like a fog of joy.

...and then you start to dance.

In a perfect world T.J. Rehmi would be releasing a new album every other month. So I write to thank him for making such a sublime album, and he writes back,
"...working on ideas for the next album.
Peace, Love...aloo gobi and 2 roti.

We'll figure that Middle East thing out later, in the meantime, sit back, grab a spliff and remember that your pain is not so special from my own.

ethnotechno rating: 4.5 out of 5
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  1. This Duniya (pick)
  2. Exposure
  3. Shaam Aye (pick)
  4. Dear Earthling... (pick)
  5. Soft Equations
  6. Invisible Rain
  7. The Alkhemist
  8. Hypnotic Embrace
  9. Transform (pick)
  10. Tonik (pick)
  11. Spiritual Technology (pick)