Talvin Remix Singh :: Ok
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$30 for this?
There are three great remixes of 'Traveler','Vikram The Vampire', and 'Ok' but that only leaves 5 other mixes, three of which are lengthy experimental mixes of 'Vikram The Vampire', and another skipable mix of 'Traveler', leaving one last mix of 'Ok' which has it's moments but starts to get tiring. Overall, this remix cd of only 4 Ok tunes isn't worth the $30 import price, but if you do find it in a used bin (which is unlikely given the rarity of this title) you could consider buying it. But this cd is for hardcore Talvin fans who understand and appreciate the spacey tablatronix he delivers here.

ethnotechno rating: 2.5 out of 5
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  1. Traveller -Kid Locos Once Upon A Time In The East Mix (pick)
  2. Vikram The Vampire -South Of Detroit Mix
  3. Vikram The Vampire -Francois K. Dub
  4. Ok -The Turbantor Dub
  5. Vikram The Vampire -Heavy Rotation Refixx (pick)
  6. Ok -Heavy Rotation Radio Refixx
  7. Vikram The Vampire -Talvin S. - Francois K. Collaboration (pick)
  8. Traveller -4 Heros Dollis Futebol Mix