Stoned Asia vol 4
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It is without irony that I review DJ Pathaan's newest compilation on 4.20, the day permanently etched into pot smokers' brains as their code of freedom. This fourth installment of a series named for chillum love - Pathaan relates the idea spawning since "Smoking is part of my culture" - Stoned Asia 4 is a hypnotically chilled serving of some of the best downbeat fusion tracks circulating around earth today.

With weekly residence in London and regular international outings, Pathaan is a hardworking purveyor on the global beat scene, segueing smoothly from laid-back groove to four-on-the-floor mayhem live. Borrowing elements from diverse cultures and uniting them under the bass-and-beat of club calculation, Stoned Asia 4 features solid cuts by Bally Sagoo, Bliss, Buddha Finga, and Karunesh, all songs meant to sink you deeper into the couch while raising your mind to melodically surreal heights.

The strength of a good compilation lies in its ability to maintain consistent material while exposing the listener to the full-lengths to snag. Stoned Asia 4 is a smorgasbord of fine-tuned head-bobbing tracks making eleven eclectic records seem choice for purchase.

Blade & Mas Que Nada Family's "Punta Allen" is standard for progressive downtempo; the Bollywood Brass Band's "Ishq Bina," however, is pure smoker's delight, coming from the collective's Rahmania: The Music of A.R. Rahman (another essential featuring absurdly incredible renditions of Bollywood's biggest music producer). 4.20, 3.16, or any day of the year, this comp is worthwhile; just happens today may be a little extra so.

ethnotechno rating: 3 out of 5
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  1. The Karma Shade Of Dub (pick)
  2. Dunia
  3. Islands (pick)
  4. Sufi Spin (pick)
  5. Send In The Tribes
  6. Punta Allen (pick)
  7. Punjab
  8. Ishy Bina (pick)
  9. Liquid Medium
  10. Elephant Trax(Hammer To The Hail Dub)
  11. Pyar (pick)