Rohan :: Roots
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The first thing on my mind after listening to the whole album was, "Where in the world has this guy been hiding all this while?". I couldnt believe that I hadnt heard of Rohan before. A quick visit to his website at rohanmusic.com gave me great insight into this up-and-coming talented artist.

First and foremost, a fact that you cannot deny is that this man has talent, pure and simple. It's been quite a while since I heard an album which was so deep-rooted in songs structured with fundamental rhythms and precise measured melodies. Rohan grew up mastering the guitar and his versatility shows with the plethora of layered chords and fresh unique compositions. This album has a feel-good vibe throughout, giving you extreme value for money with the 15 songs included here. Rohan, as a producer, seems like a musician eager to play, with his abundance of musical prowess. He isnt one of those musicians that will only compose a selected few melodies and rely on the subsequent remixes to fuel their artistic fame. Instead, Rohan is an artist who is engulfed in a sea of melodies floating around him, and he's neither afraid nor shy to share them with us. Each song seems to almost have their own unique "souls," with intricate musical layers and complexities that Rohan masterfully uses to evoke emotions in us.

Owing to the numerous influences throughout his life, Roots ranges from electronica to raggae, calypso to worldbeat and ska to acoustic. Thats quite an impressive range to boast about for a self-taught musician. "Roots," the title tracks sets the ground straight away. An emphatic headline of a song, he's declaring his style and tuning your ear to his deep sound quite different from the heavy-electro beats usually associated with the Asian Massive/Underground. "Filter," a fresh dreamy song takes you up to the heavens and leaves you stranded there with beautiful female vocals to keep you company. "Awake" is a song that takes out the repetativeness from guitar loops, drops in the mellow almost-incoherent French vocals and injects earthy snare beats. He doesnt forget to sprinkle a little tabla to taste either. "Trippin" pays homage to his Jamaican roots. "Siren's Song (Lounge Remix)" is for the Chillout/Lounge lovers with silky smooth female vocals and a chillout/trip hop beat to match. Even though all my praise for the rest of the songs wouldnt do justice, rest assured, you will be treated to a fresh acoustical journey of pioneering proportions.

An invaluable addition to this genre and few others, Rohan is someone to take immediate note of, carefully follow and ultimately enjoy a natural talent that he has to offer. With the sheer unadulterated depth of the music within and the naked emotions laced along with each and every song, Roots will definitely succeed in being an addition to your favourites list.

ethnotechno rating: 4.5 out of 5
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  1. IntroLoop
  2. Roots (pick)
  3. Filter (pick)
  4. One World (pick)
  5. Goodbye My Soul
  6. Siren's Song
  7. Home
  8. Awake (pick)
  9. Water People (pick)
  10. Come To Me Slowly (Pt.I)
  11. Trippin
  12. Siren's Song (Lounge Remix)
  13. Chants
  14. Come To Me Slowly (Pt.II)
  15. Roots Revisted