Axiom :: Reconstructions & Vexations
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Having been privy to half of the songs on this compilation for nearly a year before their [wide] release, I'm finding it difficult to review now since the aforementioned age of the tunes places a heavier weight on the other four tracks that I had not heard to date. It doesn't seem fair, but in dealing with the amount of music that comes across my tiny cluttered desk, I pick the ones I like and spin the frick out of them. The remixes from KK, Punditz, Bill Laswell and Bedouin Ascent are great, but old fare. So that leaves "Orion," "Alam," "Anselma Dub" and the opener Carl Craig's "Anselma (Dub Mix)." It sounds as if it's going to be an interesting, back-to-source tribal jam, then gets annoyingly repetitive and very nerve-racking to endure.

Bad start.
Luckily, 4Hero's mix of "Orion" is a quick redemption, starting off dubby, then hitting full dnb throttle midway. The way it should be done.

Bedouin Ascent's "Asian Resistance" Mix from the TBS Remix Vinyl follows, then the first of the only two standout tracks hit: "Alam: Dr. Israel (Dub mix)." An extremely flavourful and well executed dub-casserole with tabla chops placed perfectly in all the right nooks and crannies...

The ride gets better as the second gem on this comp shines: KK's Super Lehra Mix [appearing here as full-named Taaruf (X-Hail The Lehra mix)]. I've been exhaling this spliff on the station for a month or two now, if you've heard it and wanted it, now's the time to get it.

Carl Craig returns with another mix down of "Anselma Dub," just as useless as the first one. Punditz "Palmistry" is a very old track, but proves why they are so sought after now as producers. This early effort shows their natural talent to find the essence of a track and use that vibe to create a whole new theme altogether.

Laswell's "Shiva Myth," another veteran of the rare remix vinyl, caps this short comp that is primarily held together by KK's "Super Lehra" and Dr. Israel's "Alam."

ethnotechno rating: 3 out of 5
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  1. Alsema :: Carl Craig (Dub mix)
  2. Orion :: 4 Hero (Dollis Dub mix) (pick)
  3. Secret Channel :: Bedouin Ascent (Asian Resistance mix)
  4. Alam :: Dr. Israel (Dub mix) (pick)
  5. Taaruf :: Karsh Kale (X-Hail The Lehra mix) (pick)
  6. Alsema Dub :: Carl Craig (Astral Africa mix)
  7. Palmistry :: Midival Punditz (Pundit Stylee mix)
  8. Shiva Myth :: Bill Laswell