Quango Mystic Groove
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This compilation by artists whose works you'll find reviewed elsewhere on this site is exactly as the title claims...Mystic yet Groovey. An overall laidback touch is felt throughout every track, most of which are Indian/Arabic in sound.

Go to any Tower Records and you'll find the clerks pimpin' out whatever they feel you should be listening to, and inevitably you'll come across the sultry jazz collection that claims to be perfect for various moods: stand-around cocktail party which may or may not lead to some dancing; afternoon stroll in various degrees of inclimate weather; or down and dirty blues... Well this CD is the kind you slap down when you're ready to get some funky-walkin/dirty-talkin doing behind closed doors. Ethno-stylee.

Light some candles, burn a stick of incense, caress your mate's fleshy indiscretions and start to sway. One thing will certainly lead to another, and after Trojan Man™ interrupts to deliver his plastic products and is on his way, don't be afraid to jammy out track #8: "Just You And I" from Dzihan & Kamien.

And for the truly adventurous, indulge yourself by hitting 'random' on your player...routine is the killer of passion.

Mix it up...

ethnotechno rating: 4 out of 5
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  1. Oceans And Rain :: Nitin Sawhney (pick)
  2. Ghoom Charakahna :: Najma
  3. Transcendence :: Thievery Corporation (pick)
  4. Harmon Special Session XI :: Black Star Liner (pick)
  5. Sweet Lassi Dub :: Stoppa & Nobby
  6. Sirocco :: Christophe Goze (pick)
  7. Der Bauch :: MC Sultan (pick)
  8. Just You And I :: Dzihan & Kamien (pick)
  9. Caravane :: Radar
  10. Shashkin (Hefner Remix) :: Omar Faruk Tekbilek