Orientation vol 1 :: GERMAN EDITION
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So, people are asking:
why haven't you done any new reviews lately? Why are you making Vijay and Derek do all the work? Are you some sorta bastard? Is there a lack of new releases to contemplate? What about Indian Summer for example? What's the word man?..."

Well, take a look at the recent reviews to the left... Nearly ALL compilations. Almost no artist releases (although all that will change in the coming summer months - which will be VERY HUGE for the asian breaks movement... just wait and see).

I'm not going to review wastes-of-time-and-plastic such as Indian Summer (since it has nothing new to offer and is only competing with other coffee-coasters such as Krishna Beats), instead choosing to focus my energies on spectacular nuggets of bliss such as Orientation.

This compilation doesn't have the same old same old because it's not influenced by the American Market: it doesn't have to cater to the lowest common denominator. The result is a sweet mix of jazz and drum & bass, topped with never-before-released and hard-to-find remixes that shred other compilations on the market.

But this rarity in mix also means that it is not available in the States (yet). The link below will take you to the German site of Amazon, the only peeps i could find pimping this spliff out.

And who knows, maybe this sort of fair is trite in Europe. Maybe all they want are the double-cd-40-year-old-techno crappies that fill the crevice between my file cabinet and the wall...

(thanks to latrama for pointing me to this comp.)

ethnotechno rating: 5 out of 5
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  1. Liquid Lounge :: Lemon Tea?
  2. Nitin Sawhney :: Homelands [dZihan & Kamien Mix] (pick)
  3. Digital Jockey :: Journey (pick)
  4. Jolly Mukherjee :: Pat Deep [Underwolves Mix]
  5. Indian Vibes :: Mathar [Ballistics in Traffic Mix] (pick)
  6. Mint Royale :: From Rusholme with love (pick)
  7. Nickodemus :: Cleopatra in New York
  8. dZihan & Kamien :: Dabudei
  9. Eastenders & Naturelizer :: Original Style
  10. The Rootsman meets The Gab! :: Dub Oriental [Mystik Mantra Mix]
  11. Tricky Chris :: Watch the mix
  12. Lelonek :: Connection (pick)
  13. Slop Shop :: Gone (pick)