Ojos de Brujo :: Bari
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In the brief time that the Ojos de Brujo album Bari has been in my possession, it has screamed its way past hundreds of other albums to the head of the race for my attention and utmost adoration. It's the kind of album that sounds great on the first listen, even better on subsequent listens, and maintains a freshness and timeless virtuosity that stands the test of time.

Hailing from Barcelona, Ojos de Brujo (translation: "eyes of a witch") is a band which uses flamenco as a basis for excursions into electronic grooves, eastern tones, and funky dance beats. The general musical ingredients in their tasty recipe: sexy spanish female vocals, virtuoso flamenco guitar, intricate rhythm on drum kit and hand percussion, electric bass, and various other "spices" ranging from turntablist scratches to classical indian instrumentation.

With many moods encompassed on this album, there is something for everyone on here. Whether you are DJing at a flamenco dance party, having a smoke with friends, watching a sunset with your sweetheart, or just chilling with your headphones on and the level set to 10, this album delivers when it comes to quality music.

One of the things which makes this such an outstanding album is the high musical level of the musicians in the band. Usually the combination of electronic beats and grooves with traditional flamenco sounds comes at the expense of the live musicians. The sound of their instruments is used to suggest a mood, but often a single phrase is repeated as a sample. In this case, the album maintains a very live feel, and the beats & grooves are subtly laid in to provide just the right amount of edge and fatness to stand up to the discriminating, funky, contemporary ear.

ethnotechno rating: 4 out of 5
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  1. Intro
  2. Tiempo de Solea (pick)
  3. Ventillaor R - 80
  4. Naita (pick)
  5. Quien Engana No Gana
  6. Zambra
  7. Ley De Gravedad
  8. Memorias Perdidas
  9. Tanguillo de Maria
  10. Buleria Del Ay (pick)
  11. Cale Bari