Nitin Sawhney :: Prophesy
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Can you think of it?
Then it's in here.
An interesting mix of r+b, trip-hop, ambient, world and asian influences comprised Nitin's previous release, Beyond Skin and he continues that exploration with Prophesy. There are some very compelling tracks featuring Natacha Atlas, Cheb Mami, Trilok Gurtu and many, many others.

What sets Nitin's sixth full-length EP, and in fact all of his work apart from the other asian underground is his use of a myriad of instruments and musical influences from jazzy piano scales to Andalusian flamenco guitars. Each track on Prophesy stands as an entity unto itself, unrelated to the rest of the album. But that only adds to its originality and breadth.

Nitin will prove to be the crossover king in coming months with releases from this superb venture.

ethnotechno rating: 4 out of 5
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  1. Sunset
  2. Nothing (pick)
  3. Aquired Dreams (pick)
  4. Nothing More
  5. Moonrise
  6. Street Guru (Part One)
  7. Preacher
  8. Breathing Light (pick)
  9. Developed
  10. Footsteps
  11. Walk Away (pick)
  12. Cold & Intimate (pick)
  13. Street Guru (Part Two)
  14. Ripping Out Tears (pick)
  15. Prophesy (pick)