NatarajXT :: Tandava
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Picture it:
You're in India. It's 1993. The stench is thick; the nite: young. You traverse piles of bullshit and trash on the street to get to your destination: the nameless underground club sporting beats and broads from a yet-to-be-named scene. The cover's 50 rupees.

The sounds pumping out of the no-name-brand speakers is like nothing you've ever heard before. The beats are heavy, the vocals tremendous. Quite different from the fimli stuff saturating the market... Then, a track comes on that blows your mind: clubby-gweedo-beats laced with straight-up classical scales and ragas. It's fresh, new and different. Then, you think to yourself, or perchance, say to the confused-looking woman dancing next to you, "This is fresh, new and different! It's almost as if the classical musician and techno dude aren't even listening to one another. Sometimes the song sounds as if it's going to make some sense, but then strays from any logical path... It's quite exciting!"

Now recap the entire scenario and change the date to 2001.

Still excited?

ethnotechno rating: 1 out of 5
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  1. Ya Baba
  2. K Fi
  3. Jan Poori
  4. High Mystery
  5. Tee Lak
  6. Indi Rai
  7. Kirwan
  8. Rauib