Madredeus :: Electronico
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Don't be fooled by the title - trying to remix Madredeus is like attempting to grasp sunlight with bare hands. As soon as you think you have it captured, it slips through with ethereal resonance. Such is the case with Teresa Salgueiro's angelic voice, buoyant and vibrant, somehow elusive of gravity itself.

In the two decades since she and guitarist Pedro Magalhães set out to redefine fado - the traditional barroom rebellion music of Lisbon, comparable to Algerian räi or American jazz in its social context - they have succeeded well beyond their limits. 2000's Greatest Hits collection Antologia and 2001's exquisite Movimento are now preceded by their first foray into modern electronica, with mixed, but overall positive, results.

At times Electronico dips into a new-age, space-laden feel, but maintains heartfelt integrity throughout. The fusion is jazz-based, airy rhythms complementing the band's acoustic orchestration well. The disc succeeds most when chances are taken: The Telepop mix of "Oxalá" and Buscemi's Afro Mix "O Paraíso" serving as top examples. David Birdie and Christian Scallan's Harmonic Mix of "Ainda Insect" will subdue with the ease of opium, a perfect example of the original's intent. While Movimento will give you a better feel of modern fado, Electronico is a great introduction for the uninitiated and a solid chapter for the biggest of fans.

ethnotechno rating: 3.5 out of 5
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  1. Haja O Que Houver
  2. Vem (Alem De Toda A Solidao)
  3. Ecos Na Catedral
  4. O Paraiso (pick)
  5. O Mar
  6. O Sonho
  7. A Lira-Solidao No Oceano
  8. A Andorinha Da Primavera
  9. Oxala (pick)
  10. Ao Longe O Mar
  11. Ainda Insect (pick)
  12. Anseio (Fuga Apressada)
  13. Guitarra