Lunar Drive :: Altogether Here
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I really hope these guys don't break up any time soon. This, their 'latest,' is already two full years old, but their sound maintains a freshness seldom a characteristic of other albums, maybe cuz one never hears their music anywhere else.

Lunar Drive is my secret - my other world that I go to when the weight of all the pop-crud of the US threatens to 'pop' the balls from my skull. It's loungey and grungy, heavy and light. Imagine sitting in a red and purple velvet lounge, sex lighting extraordinaire, cigars, perfect martinis, ass as far as the mind can see. Then, in the corner are the ghosts of Cheyenne tribal leaders outfitted in full ceremonial regalia doing that cool jumping dance that thay do. You know.

My only comment would be that the 'native' vocals get a bit jarring at times, but we've never really been exposed to much of it in music anyway, seeing as these peoples could be classified as nearly extinct. Taking that into account, there are some great tunes here, but a couple to skip.

Spoken word overlaying smooth beats, heavy electronic vibes bath ancestral vocals, UK pop ideals. And something else....

ethnotechno rating: 3.5 out of 5
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  1. Fever And Heat (pick)
  2. Square World
  3. Green Rainbow (pick)
  4. All Eyes Were Stones
  5. I'm In Love With A Navajo Boy
  6. Big Fat Sky (pick)
  7. A Great Traditional Word (pick)
  8. Virtual Nogales
  9. Way Hey Hey!
  10. Feeling Good
  11. Look At Them
  12. Trees Wave Bye
  13. Fifty Cents