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Lumin has created an in-depth study into the world of sound with their release of Hadra, easily defining their style among the world music/electronica producers at large. The classically-trained Irina Mikhailova, who graces the album with her haunting voice, sees to it in making this and their other releases unique. The whole album is a exploration into many different genres having something for everyone: Drum and Bass, Trip-Hop, Deep House, electro, ambient & downtempo... all crafted with several different instruments from India and Arabia.

The opening track "Stiga" is a great representation of how deep Lumin is willing to take it. Irina's vocal range and emotion flows with such electricity it's shocking. The other main players of Lumin, Jeffery Stott and Michael Emenau, create a deep trip hop vibe with three instruments played by Jeffery alone. The talent of composition and production really shine through and it's suprising Lumin is not well known outside of their hometown of San Fransisco. Other joints like "Zamak" are gems for the Asian Massive listener. It's a 9 minute hard-hitting drum and Bass track in combination with six instruments (excluding samples). But it isn't monotonous by any means either.

The farther one explores the sooner one is to come across tracks like "Vchera Minah" and "Iz Pod Duba" which lack a cohesiveness that the other tracks unquestionably retain. Sometimes the vocals are off and at times too overpowering, leadiong one to believe they should'nt be in the song at all.

Liking Irina's vocals are a must to enjoy this album. However, Lumin produced two tracks "Meta" and "New Moon Hilal" which take a break from the vocals. Both are incredible and are worth purchasing the album just for these two alone. "Meta" is an abstract drum and bass track accompanied by Jeffery's usual multi instrumentals as well as a tabla played exceptionally well by Paulo Baldit. "New Moon Hilal" is another 9min track that is number one on my list for Indian/Arabic house music. This is a really great album overall. Look for Lumin's new release's coming out soon.

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ethnotechno rating: 3 out of 5
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  1. Stiga
  2. Zamak (pick)
  3. Hadra
  4. Garden
  5. Uchera Minah
  6. Meta (pick)
  7. Iz Pod Duba
  8. New Moon Hilal (pick)
  9. Stojnele' Stokole