Kumba Mela Experiment :: East of the River Ganges
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Ahh yes, Ethno-Ambient-Trance-Dub-Groove™.
How else to describe this extremely satisfying exploration into the space where electricity meets organics to produce consciousness, featuring players from The Orb, Suns of Arqa, Tangerine Dream, Dreadzone & even psychic fruitcake Uri Geller?

If you're a Dub fan, you MUST have this cd. The quality of production and vision are outstanding. Originally created as a soundtrack for a documentary about the Kumba Mela [at times the largest gathering of humans in one place at one time on the entire planet, visible from space as a big brown dot...] the album has reached many more people than the film itself.

With the vigorous pumping of hardcore basslines under ethereal ambiences, the Kumba Mela promises to take you to the actual event in your mind... as long as you hold that tab of acid on your tongue for ten more minutes before it completely dissolves.

Was there anyone wearing those stupid pen-light shades with accompanying glow stick, dropping shrooms at this past Kumba Mela? I doubt it, but tracks like "Interstellar Hiss (Sky Is On Fire Dub)" and title track "East of the River Ganges (Mango In My Flute Mix)" make it seem as if there were. I remember the last time a Mango Was In My Flute, it tickled and burned a bit at the same time.

"That Which I Could Only Sense (Phoenix Dub)" showcases this ensembles's clean Dub sensibilities as does "The Kumba Mela (Himalayan Dub)." The only drawback to this ride is the utterly useless "Outro (Don't Want To Loose Your Love Dub Edit)," which sounds as if it's going to go somewhere then fades out after twenty nine seconds... perhaps they Dub-Edited a tad much on that one... No, you didn't loose my love, yo.

ethnotechno rating: 4 out of 5
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  1. East Of The River Ganges (Mango In My Flute Mix) (pick)
  2. Elephant Trax (Hammer To The Nail Dub) (pick)
  3. Cleaning Fluid (Druids, Dreads And Sadhus Mix)
  4. Spiritual Journey (Mothers Milk Edit)
  5. The Kumba Mela (Himalayan Dub) (pick)
  6. Life After Death (Glass Key Dub)
  7. That Which I Could Only Sense (Phoenix Dub) (pick)
  8. Interstellar Hiss (Sky Is On Fire Dub)
  9. Be Conscious (Om Namai And Shiveye Mix)
  10. Outro (Don't WantTo Loose Your Love Dub Edit)