Krishna Beats
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I dunno anymore.
This double cd's decent, with staple world-beat classics such as "I Love Baby Cheesy" (remix), "Bengali Song," "Walking The Spirits," but the problem is that these joints can be found on other cheaper and more satisfying splifs such as the Traveler Series '99 and '00 - without all the filler material to make a double cd set.

The name of the cd suggests perhaps loads of Talvin, Karsh and Nitin, but there's only one Nitin tune, and no asian massive to be found. In fact, Celtic Cross' "Darshannon" isn't Indian at all. It's a good tune that we play here, but it's Celtic. Maybe the name gave it away, I dunno. And Wally Brill's "Loop In Time" is Jewish. But, hey, it seems everyone's getting along with Krishna as MC, so why complain?

So if you are new to all this electro-world crap and looking to dive head-first into partly-indo-trip-hop, then Krishna Beats may the way for you. Unless, that is, you're a born-again Christian. Then the only 'way' for you is Christ.... (get it? it's a frickin pun on several socio-theological levels....).

ethnotechno rating: 2.5 out of 5
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Disc: 1
  1. Fever :: Stereo MCs
  2. A Loop In Time :: Wally Brill
  3. Veni Redemptor Gentium :: Paul Schwarz
  4. Waking The Spirits :: Bob Holroyd
  5. I Love Baby Cheesy :: Banco De Gaia
  6. Darshannon :: Celtic Cross
  7. 7th Heaven :: Kevin Yost
  8. Same :: Smith & Mighty
  9. Indian Gypsy :: Ravi Prasad
  10. Nothing Is Real :: Radar
  11. Bahia :: Richard Les Crees
  12. Binti :: Da Lata

Disc: 2
  1. Sajanaa :: Bardmarsh & Shri (pick)
  2. In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country :: Boards Of Canada
  3. Romanian Gypsy :: Ille Natalia
  4. African Chill :: Tribal Lord
  5. Naturality :: Digital Jockey
  6. Bombay, (This Would Never Happen In) :: Four Ears (pick)
  7. Ibizan Dawn :: Sergio
  8. Valencia :: Rachid Taha
  9. Indian Secret :: Nitin Singh
  10. Jazzybiza :: Sa Trincha
  11. Halycon Days :: Mikael Delta
  12. Bengali Song :: Nitin Sawhney