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There's nothing like hearing an incredible album for the first time, one that, upon listening, is destined to become a soundtrack for a particular phase of your life. KMO has that exact effect on this reviewer, ever since being introduced to "Salsita" - a brilliantly quirky, upbeat timba moderna cut - included on Putuamayo's Latin Groove compilation. The next day I was on the phone with Na´ve in France requesting a copy.

"Salsita" was fortunately misleading - while Yaimi Lay's vocals are soulful, intricately easy over the hip-hoppish backdrop, KMO is much more. Possibly it's the scruffy dexterity of vocalist Javier Pinna's smoked-out Yoruba lyricism, or the ambitious perfection of the percussive Latin rhythms. Formed by French DJ Jean Claude Gué in 1994 after falling in love with Cuban music, Sin Palabras fuses live playing with house in a global testament of true innovation.

Funk and rap rhythms appear (as on the opening "Play it Again"), and the melodic "Congo Caminando" is the closest they come to pop. But it's the deep house grooves of "House of Yemaya" and "Cuban e-Fusion" selling the listener, lusciously textured basslines warm against the congas and bata drums. KMO is a must-have of any fan of Latin house; it simply doesn't get better. Currently only available as an import, check sinpalabras.com for more information.

ethnotechno rating: 4 out of 5
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  1. Play it again
  2. House of Yemaya (pick)
  3. Cuban e-Fusion (pick)
  4. Born again (eleggua mix)
  5. Salsita (pick)
  6. Obatala party
  7. Final cut (chango mix)
  8. Congo caminando
  9. Pleasure dome (oshun mix)
  10. Havanavibes