Karsh Kale :: Redesign: Realize Remixed
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Wanna know something? I've been waiting for this remix album the first day I heard the Realize album. Not that Realize lacked anything, but I knew there would be hard-hitting remixes to come, and I just couldn't wait.

So here it is at last, delivering a slew of delicious choonz ("tunes" for non-patanked ["Indian-verbalizations" of English for the non-Indian]) sandwiched between the best: beginning with Ming & FS' mix of "Saajana" and ending with Mukul's Acid Lullaby mix of "Home," in which he actually incorporated new vocals over the native vocals from Shahid Sidiqqui. That's rare in remixes, and the addition of haunting female English-vocals really drives the mood to another level altogether. Righteous.

My only beef would be the inclusion of KK's Deepest Brooklyn mix of "Deepest Blue" and Banco de Gaia's mix of "Distance," both of which already appear on other 6D compilations, particularly the latter which now appears on 3 different CDs. I hate it when one song gets placed on too many comps, it diminishes the quality and value of that song. This is why all those Buddha Whatever CDs are tiresome, because they all sport the same tunes.

But Redesign is a good effort, featuring an unreleased track and remixes that outweigh the originals. Exactly what a remix is designed to do.

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  1. Saajana [Ming & FS mix] (pick)
  2. Destroy the Icon [Bone Cruise mix]
  3. One Step Beyond [DJ Spooky Datalife 2002 mix]
  4. Deepest Blue [KK's Deepest Brooklyn mix]
  5. Home [MIDIval Punditz Higher Salvation mix] (pick)
  6. Distance [Banco de Gaia mix]
  7. Empty Hands [Bill Laswell mix]
  8. Light Up The Love [Mighty Junn Summer of XIA mix]
  9. Home [Navedeep's Pressure mix] (pick)
  10. Empty Hands [DK Pyar Amor mix]
  11. Anja [Mother Earth mix] (pick)
  12. Home [Mukul Acid Lullaby] (pick)