Kharma Beats
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Yeah that's right: it's the same dudes who brought you the Buddha and Krishna Beats. This time around, Ganesh lets you know that he listens to Kruder & Dorfmeister.

The Bar De Lune camp sets this compilation forward, and I must admit that it far exceeds Krishna Beats in quality. I actually like this limited edition double-cd set. It is what Krishna Beats could've been. Overall, it conveys more of an asian theme without being too eclectic.

But the overall idea of culling together non-asian artists to form the meat of a 'post-modern-hippie' compilation remains. It does, however, get more and more 'loungy' as the years progress, which I am ALL in favour of.

ethnotechno rating: 3.5 out of 5
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Disc: 1
  1. Rise :: Craig Armstrong (pick)
  2. Fingers :: Joi
  3. Bahatu :: Declan Flynn (pick)
  4. Pra Manha :: Da Lata
  5. Manana :: Christophe Goze (pick)
  6. Ramiro's Theme :: Buscemi
  7. Fleur Du Desert :: Arnica Montana (pick)
  8. Kirwani [Badmarsh And Shri Remix] :: Jolly Mukherjee
  9. Regiment :: Brian Eno
  10. Siya Dengelela Kgonyama [Roni Size Mix] :: Sangomas
  11. Desert Heat [Nitin Remix] :: Nitin Singh (pick)
  12. La Muier De Terah [Bens Alternate Wisch Mix] :: Continuo

Disc: 2
  1. Last Tango In Paris :: Gotan Project
  2. Slip Into Something More Comfortable :: Kinobe (pick)
  3. Aquarius :: Waldeck
  4. Sofa Rockers [Kruder & Dorfmeister Remix] :: Sofa Surfers
  5. Terrapin :: Bonobo (pick)
  6. After The Rain :: Shri
  7. Soft Music Under Stars :: Fila Brazillia
  8. Freedom [Fila Brazillia Remix] :: DJ Food
  9. Asian Lights :: Tribal Lord
  10. Purple [Air Remix] :: Crustation
  11. Shri Durga [FunDaMental Organic Chill Remix] :: DJ Cheb I Sabbah
  12. Souka Nayu [Thievery Corp Remix] :: Baaba Maal