Joi :: We are Three
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"My love wanders the rooms, melodious, flute-notes, plucked wires, full of a wine the Magi drink on the way to Bethlehem. We are three. The moon comes from its quiet corner, puts a pitcher of water down in the center. The circle of surface flames. One of us kneels to kiss the threshold. One drinks, with flames playing over his face. One watches the gathering, and says to any cold onlookers: This dance is the joi of existence." - Coleman Barks 'Rumi: We are Three'

I picked up this disc in a used bin at a shop in downtown Toronto recently. I won't hazard a guess as to why someone chose to give up this gem. Upon first listen I didn't really pay attention to the cover or liner notes as I was completely caught up in the tunes, but once my curiosity was aroused about the artist I went back and did some reading. Brothers Farook and Haroon Shamsher are the duo that is Joi. This album was completed after elder brother Haroon's death following his trip to their ancestral home in Bangladesh. Collecting a series of samples of native instruments, voices, and songs, he handed over these to his little brother Farook who completed this CD in its present form.

A somber yet soaring tribute to his brother's vision, the tracks blend quiet introspection with moments of sheer exhiliration. "Deep Asian Vibes" swirls with a pretty violin flourish reminiscent of Hindi Pop films. "Journey" reminds me of a pleasant trainride thru the countryside of Bengal (my family's originally from there as well) while "Tacadin" is a downright anthem proclaiming the ascent of the Asian Underground = Music!

ethnotechno rating: 4 out of 5
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  1. Journey (pick)
  2. Prem (pick)
  3. Don't Cha Know That
  4. The Holy Side
  5. Deep Asian Vibes
  6. Triatma (pick)
  7. Flying With You (pick)
  8. Tacadin
  9. We Need Your Vote (pick)