Jalebee Cartel: Deep Electric India
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Jalebee Cartel is what is born when 5 of India's premier djs get together with their arsenal of laptops, mixers, electronic percussion & guitars. The name conjures images of unmarked white vans screeching to a stop in a club's back alley while slender musician-types jump out and hurriedly unload racks of fresh hot jalebees. If the sweets are a metaphor for their beats, then the Cartel def deliver.

Gaining immense popularity in the New Delhi club scene; their brand of music could be easily dismissed as Asian Electronica, but in reality sports more traditional progressive house club aesthetics as the remix and mainstream compilation honors will attest to. Deep Electric India marks their curated-album debut and its compiled Madhav Shorey aka Kohra, who's a part of the band and also produces solo.

The opening track "Maula Reprise" is quite different from the usual Jalebee sound with some traditional Indian vocals and instruments. Before you can settle in you're thrown into the heavy electronic basslines of the next track by Jalebee boys Ash & G Force. Another talented Delhi dj Jayant Luthra takes on the next offering "Audio Slave" which couples his signature bassline rhythm with electronic guitars and psy-trance vocals.

Famous producers Son Kite also appear on this album remixing the hugely popular MIDIval PunditZ hit "Raanjhan" that also made an appearance on their Remixed cd, (where Jalebee Cartel delivers a mix of their own). "Liquid Sun" by Jalebite Arjun Vagale is a perfectly balanced track with melodic keys and programmed electronic beats.

"Vector the Crow" from Kohra becomes an all time favorite bringing a garage underground/rave vibe. It builds an eerie atmosphere and drops a brooding bassline to get things moving. Def a track to define a sound in Delhi. His next venture "Inner Space" delivers more of tribal feel with congas, soaring syths and some Indian vocals but maintains that driving rhythm his tracks are known for; very reminiscent of Oakenfold's Swordfish soundtrack.

The album finishes with "Entropy," a track quite regularly played in Delhi clubs and is out & out EDM. Just as deep fried jalebee can be enjoyed on a bus, on train or on a plane, Deep Electric India is the kind of compilation that will find a home in the comforts of a studio room and a dance floor.

ethnotechno rating: 3.5 out of 5
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  2. Victims Of Our Mind :: ASH AND G FORCE
  3. Audio Slave :: JAYANT (pick)
  4. When We Fall :: JALEBEE CARTEL
  5. Raanjhan (Son Kite Mix) :: midival punditz
  6. Liquid Sun :: ARJUN VAGALE
  7. Vector the Crow :: JALEBEE CARTEL (pick)
  8. Inner Space :: KOHRA
  9. Entropy (Original Mix) :: JALEBEE CARTEL (pick)