Indian Ropeman :: Elephant Sounds
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Dogs in India are like rats in New York City. I remember my cousin and I finding a boxer pup on the streets, and feeding it bull milk every half hour and watching it piss everywhere. Then our granny screamed "I'm not letting that retched animal in the house." But ceiling-sticking lizards were just fine.

This 1999 debut of IRM is a refreshing departure from all the asian underground drum and "base," revealing dancable hits such as "Stand Clear" and "Do Not Deviate From Your Present Course" along with envelope-pushing joints as "Dog in the Piano" which samples the Jerky Boys. But that's the only sampling that finds it's way into this interesting and original album.

Shahin Badar makes an appearance on "66 Meters."

Unfortunately the boxer pup never made it into the house, but there was a dog in the fucking piano, fruitcake.

ethnotechno rating: 4 out of 5
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  1. Chairman Of The Board (pick)
  2. Indian Ropeman
  3. Stand Clear (pick)
  4. Sunshine Of Your Love
  5. Do Not Deviate From Your (pick)
  6. You Own Enemy
  7. 66 Meters (pick)
  8. Dog In The Piano (pick)
  9. Mission To The Moog Pt I
  10. Dominant Tonic
  11. Mission To The Moog Pt II (pick)
  12. 66 Meters (Radio Edit)
  13. Lover The Tone Edit