Indestructible Asian Beats: Urban Tigers
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I remember seeing this nugget @ Virgin a cupla months ago, and I almost bought it. I really liked a few songs on it. They were what we in the music industry term 'winners.'

But, there were also a few complete crap-tracks that stood in the way of buying this compilation. Their presence on the this spliff totally ruined it for me, and I didn't buy it until I found it in the used bin @ Other Records, deciding the lowered price would make up for the number of times I would have to hit the forward button on my player.

Tala Quintet's "Na Da": I like it, but after 10 listens it starts to chafe. Skipped.

Talvin's "Jaan" makes it's ubiquitous appearance, but I've had enough of it. Skipped.

Punjabi MC's "Bheer": most people can't stand the cackling. Skipped.

TJ Rehmi's "Who Killed Bhangra?": I don't know and I don't care. Skipped.

Ananda Shankar's "Streets Of Calcutta": an Indian Austin Powers is funny only ONCE. Skipped.

ethnotechno rating: 2.5 out of 5
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  1. Na-Da (No Sleep Mix) :: Tala Quintet (pick)
  2. Tu Meri :: Asian Dub Foundation (pick)
  3. Jaan :: Talvin Singh
  4. Mera Dil :: Juttla
  5. Kaise Guzar Rahi Hai :: The Dub Factory
  6. Bheer :: Panjabi MC (pick)
  7. Kirwani (Badmarsh & Shri Remix) :: Jolly Mukherjee
  8. Who Killed Bhangra? :: TJ Rehmi
  9. Original Indian Vibes (B&S Mix) :: The Dave Pike Set/Mathar (pick)
  10. Magnetic :: Tabla Beat Science
  11. East Meets West :: Los Chicharrons (pick)
  12. Streets Of Calcutta :: Ananda Shankar