Hevia :: the Other Side
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And I thought the fist album was good.

Hevia is master of the Spanish bagpipes. He's even developed and patented his own electronic multi-timbre bagpipe, and it's this modern version of the ancient celtic instrument that sets Hevias' music apart from all the rest of the pipers out there.

The cd starts off fast and invigorating, then slows down to a happy-go-lucky state in the middle, as if one's frolicking in the misty mountains of Spain. i don't even know if Spain has mountains, let alone if the people there are given to frolicking, but that's where the music goes. Overall, it's a Celtic sound with Muslim-like overtones on the first track, making for an unusual and interesting album. Better than the first. oh, wait, I already wrote that...

ethnotechno rating: 4 out of 5
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  1. Tanzila (pick)
  2. Fandangu Los Lobos (pick)
  3. El Salton
  4. Kyrie Eleison (pick)
  5. Mermurdora
  6. Banos De Budapest
  7. El Sitiu
  8. Rubiercos
  9. Son Del Busgosu (pick)
  10. Si Quieres Que Te Cortexe
  11. Marcha del Dos de Mayo (pick)