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Christopher Goze has created a free flowing multi genre arabiant album with Sirocco. Avid Goze listeners may find this to be on the "lite" side, as many of his creations would find a welcome seat in Buddha bar V.1-5. Being on those comp's is of course an honor for the artists, however the reputation of being a well-packaged, watered-down world music wannabe precedes them. "Traveler," a smooth jazz rendition with an added sitar and tabla riff, is one such cut that is topping the charts in Europe. Harder beats and sweeping string samples and spacious ambient drones will engage you in "Ja Vidi." It has been featured in Bar De Lune's Arabica Vol.3 and Six Degrees newest release Arabian Travels 2. A very worthy song to be released as many times as "Sirocco" was on dozens of comp's (with remixes). It sports excellent composition skills involving the flute, strings, darbouka, bells and Arabic vocals underlying an uptempo trip hop groove. "Priere" is another excellent example of the diversity on this album. It's an entirely spacious ambient mix with the oud floating atop samples of running river water. It's the chill vibe that really is expressed here and he does it right.

In more ways than not Christophe veers to catering to the over-the-hill-yoga practitioners or Arabtronica Lite™ fans. This gurantees his reach into a broader audience, going beyond America and the UK's electronic music scene, perfect for the lounge environment. In some cases it lacks an integral piece of the puzzle for a solid presentation of beats. This is what Christophe himslef describes as an "in-between album." Older slices and newer cut's on one cd to introduce a an audience to his next release which will go far beyond this in many ways.

Sticking mainly to ambient and downtempo, every track will move your mind and your body to the groves and flows of the middle East and India. If you're looking for an addition to your Reclined Beats™ Collection, enjoyed his previous release's under the moniker Radar, or his chill vibes on any of the numerous comps he's featured on, then this is for you. It's a strong release on the downtempo tip.

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ethnotechno rating: 3 out of 5
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  1. intro
  2. sirocco (pick)
  3. ja vidi (pick)
  4. trance
  5. dune
  6. the traveler (pick)
  7. deset man
  8. for your love
  9. life
  10. keep on
  11. river of god
  12. o many men