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Govinda is a producer who's been experimenting with the South Asian & Arabic electronica since his first full length release in 1998. Now with his newest album Echoes Of Eden, he's delved even deeper into that influence. The opening track "Hypnotic" reaches right into the sounds of the Asian Massive and executes a fierce trip hop excursion. Layered high, and like most of his tracks, he moves around the drum loops and adds some glitches as well. A perfect example of IDM (Intelligent Dance Music). Steering away from monotony, he comes up with something highly complex, yet intuitive and danceable. "Matter" is an incredible breakneck breakbeat blazer shaking in at 120bpm. It comes with Dj Advent's Poppin-Dancefloor Guarantee™, and the taste of India comes through in the male and female vocalists. It's one of the best Asian Massive breaks I've heard this year. Build-ups, Breakdowns, bumping bass, a subdued didjeridoo, and the vocals are tweaked right into the hot spots. "Static Apparition" is another track which utilizes the didj in a serious combo of tabla, vocals, and Kruder & Dorfmeister type downtempo stylings. A sophisticated and intelligent jazzy type predominance. "Forbidden Love (remixed)" is another slow & sexy composition of Arabic vocals and instruments.

Echoes Of Eden and his previous release Entwined & Entranced vary in one major way. Austin Shane O'Madden (govinda) is not focusing on his incredible violin skills, but more on production this time around. While his previous release featured the violin on at least six songs, here we have only three. For those who enjoyed his haunting solos we have "Raga,s" a spacious ambient track blending floating Sitars, subdued vocals, and the contemplative sounds of the violin. In "Tu M'aimes (Remixed)" is discovered a sensual masala of violin, swift drum programming and the South Asian vocal influence. "Tu M'aimes (Remixed)" welcomes the other aspect of this album, a western downtempo groove. Only the tracks I have mentioned above hold any significant South Asian or Arabic influence. All the other's excluding "Organic beauty" feature female vocalists in a very sultry & soulful setting. "One Body," "Ghost In The Garden" & "Bells In The Back" are 20-30 second intervals of vocals and you guessed it - bells.

For those who enjoyed Govinda's older releases then this is a must have in the respect that he has really developed and transformed his sound into a suave, well-grounded vibe. But don't expect the same mellow tunes of past... he's got some very sexy joints here, and though they may have no ethnic influence they are a worthwhile listen. For those looking just for the South Asian/Arabic influence, several songs fit the bill. The CD is worth the purchase for those pieces alone.

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ethnotechno rating: 4 out of 5
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  1. Hypnotic (pick)
  2. One Body
  3. Matter (pick)
  4. From My Cocoon
  5. Ghost In The Garden
  6. Forbidden Love (Remixed)
  7. Tu M'aimes (Remixed) (pick)
  8. Static Apparition (pick)
  9. Like I Do
  10. Bells In The Back
  11. Organic Beauty (Remixed)
  12. So Much To Give
  13. Raga