Geosonic Grooves vol 1
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If you must by one compilation before the year's end make it this one, cuz it kicks. Make it a Christmas gift.

Dj Meta4 has compiled one of the freshest and most original comps to cross this reviewer's auditory canal in a long while.

Hailing from Vancouver, Cannukland, Meta4 weaves a spectacular journey through sonic landscapes spanning the world. He opens the meaty 13-tracker with a mellow Bebel spliff, "Alguem" and continues to tour the world in erudite fashion delivering you to complete, unadulterated aural bliss.

When I met with Meta4 during the release party for Geosonic Grooves in NYC, we discussed why most compilations suck:

e.t.: So why do we see so many repeat tracks on different compilations?

meta4: Speculation here: I think part of the reason is... that a lot of these compilations don't get put together by diehard fans that are right inside the scene, connected at the grassroots level with the producers... They're just people who turn around and put together a ska compilation and then turn turn around and put together an 80's compilation... So the sources they go to for their ideas for what to put on are the other compilations [they find] in the store.

e.t.: That SUCKS.

meta4: You got that right.

But THIS comp doesn't suck. In fact, the flavour is so right that we're giving it our prestigigeous "four-and-a-half ambiguous spheroid things," which is actually better than the five. Don't ask why.

Check our exclusive Real Audio interview with meta4 to discover more behind-the-scenes-secrets on Geosonic Grooves Vol. 1.

If you're a label rep and want to contact Meta4, do so here.

ethnotechno rating: 4.5 out of 5
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  1. Alguem :: Bebel Gilberto (pick)
  2. Humanizm :: Sultana
  3. Yalla Chant (tgu mix) :: Natacha Atlas
  4. Forgotten Worlds :: Delerium
  5. Silk Road Samba :: Meta4 Vs Third Eye Tribe (pick)
  6. For Maria... :: Legion Of Green Men (pick)
  7. Vite Avid :: Smadj
  8. Boops :: Sidestepper (pick)
  9. Tidal Pool :: Conjure One (pick)
  10. Time Unlimited :: Nick Holder
  11. Mosquito Coast :: Mr. Gone
  12. Chilla :: Karsh Kale (pick)
  13. Sajanna :: Badmarsh & Shri (pick)