Funkadelica :: Dancing to a Different Drum
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There is something about European- or maybe nothing about American- (probably the latter) compilations that make it worth (sometimes twice) the dough (see Orientation). Could it be because they are compiled by people who know their shit? People who themselves illuminate the scene? Could it be because they contain unique tracks that we don't have to extinguish yet again? Yeah and yeah again.

Here's one from the Feel Good Productions, the Italian duo boasting a few tunes played at their Funkadelica parties, including some of their own. The deal with this album is that it covers the rare: side projects of musicians from well-known bands, hard-to-find remixes, and features from the European underground club nights.

The album has a confident Arabic touch to it drummed up by the qualified: Nelson Dilation, who has worked with Natascha Atlas, Transglobal Underground, and the Dhol Foundation; MOMO (Music of Moroccan Origin), headed by Joi's percussionist Lahcen Lahbib; MC Sultan, pre-dZihan & Kamien; and Nickodemus, DJ at Turntables on the Hudson. Strikingly exotic and powerful.

Then there is some of their own stuff. "Mad World", a reggae-influenced track with hard breakbeats and a heavy bassline arranged with strings and tablas, "The Feel Good Vibe", their sitar-looped hit remixed by Badmarsh ('nuff said) in a dancey, two-step style, and "Karmakamo", chill-out, jazzy based around classical Indian vocals.

You might not find these tracks in many places. This CD is one of very few that defines Asian Underground and its mutations not using a circular definition.

ethnotechno rating: 5 out of 5
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  1. The Feel Good Vibe :: Feel Good Productions
  2. Mad World :: Feel Good Productions
  3. Cleopatra In New York :: Nickodemus (pick)
  4. The Feel Good Vibe :: Feel Good Productions (Badmarsh Remix) (pick)
  5. Gur Nalon Ishk Mitha :: Bollywood Brass Band
  6. Come To My Body :: DJ Knuf (pick)
  7. Sitar War :: Nelson Dilation
  8. Big Trouble In Marrakech :: VIC (pick)
  9. Himalayan Mountain Spy :: Toucan Zabir (pick)
  10. Digital Garab :: Momo
  11. Der Bauch :: MC Sultan (pick)
  12. Asiatronic :: Solar Spirit (pick)
  13. Karmakoma :: Feel Good Productions (pick)