Dub Selector 2
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While putting together a compilation may seem simple, there are many factors to consider: Most prevalent, an understanding of each track being able to stand out, and working together simultaneously. Quango has consistently assembled some of the smoothest modern collections, Dub Selector 2 being one of the best.

Eleven tracks of solid ragga remixes and mid-level electronica cuts (certainly above downtempo but not quite club ready), the first two tracks - a rendering of Professor Oz's airy "Waves and Sun" and Boozoo Bajou's "Camioux" - hang on the light side, head bobbingly repetitive in roving hypnotism. Three songs deep brings the coco bread and butter via a driving reworking of Cutty Ranks' "The Stoppa" a la Richard Dorfmeister, situated next to the Elephant House duo themselves, Groove Corporation getting tricky with Big Youth's "Waterhouse Rock."

These cuts being the peak - alongside a latter effort by Noiseshaper, "The Only Redeemer" (unsurprisingly remixed by G Corp) - the album continues on a strong note, never losing steam but retaining nicely on the irie chalice. Stereotyp's "My Sound," the top cut on his mediocre album of the same name, adds rum to the punch, while Submission's "Millennium" tasty horn section is a top vocal cut.

Even the Thievery Corporation track, "38.45" packs swing, a refreshing departure from their recent Richest Man in Babylon effort, an album falling so short of expectation we have to wonder what comforts have overtaken these boys in D.C. As for NYC, Quango continues selecting the propa selectah tracks, a trend with no sign of slowing.

ethnotechno rating: 4 out of 5
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  1. Waves and Sun [Grant Phabao Waves and Skunk Remix]
  2. Camiouix - Boozoo Bajou
  3. Stoppa [Dorfmeister Meets Marcus Kienzl Vocal] (pick)
  4. Waterhouse Rock [Groove Corporation Remix] - Big Youth (pick)
  5. Millennium - Tikiman
  6. My Sound
  7. Step It Up [Dan Donovan for Don Letts Dub Cartel]
  8. Moments in Dub - Nick Holder
  9. Only Redeemer [Groove Corporation Remix] - Noiseshaper (pick)
  10. 38.45 [A Thievery Number] - Thievery Corporation
  11. Brothers and Sisters