Deep Roots & Future Grooves Vol. 1
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It was quite a surprise finding this compilation in The Nature Store, but after my ears heard its cry, there was a good reason for it to be there. Its title fits its content: Deep Roots + Future Grooves-and that 'Deep' is damn deep too.

This album is a break from mainstream electronica - more world music... and this time they mean it.

Jumping from Central America to Europe to Africa and Asia, this album has a good diverse selection of roots: Juan-Carlos Formell's Cuban ballads, Varttina's high-pitched Finnish folk-pop (amazing), Gaellic chanting by Mary Jane Lamond, Alpha Yaya Diallo's African folk... and have you ever heard of 'throat singing' from northern Mongolia?

The spice gets hotter with electronica-laced remixes and compositions. Bass maestro Bill Laswell appears with "Black Lotus" and Yat-Kha's throat-singing is swirled by the Transglobal Underground. Japanese remixer and dj, Fantastic Plastic Machine, does a funky refix of one of the Finnish folk songs. And Laurel MacDonald's soft-spoken nursery rhyme is fused with soft-yet-powerful lounge-jazz. And the Celtic stuff is turned into Celtronics.

It is an equal blend of roots and future, and I must say it is one of the best world music albums I own because of its authentic world flavour -and the electronica enhances it. A warning: this disc is more on the mellow, chill side... so fast-paced, mind-blowing, bassy beats and rhythms are not what it is trying to show.
It gets you in other ways.
I say grab some Mai-Tai, some Tortilla chips with salsa and just listen.

ethnotechno rating: 4 out of 5
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  1. Will Your Love (Extended Radio Mix) :: Sin E
  2. Black Lotus (Album Edit) :: Bill Laswell & Sacred System (pick)
  3. One.Three.Seven. :: Zohar (pick)
  4. Laulutytto :: Varttina
  5. Mo Ghille Mor Foghain' Each :: Mary Jane Lamond (pick)
  6. Whaling Ship :: Mouth Music
  7. Avelo :: Tarika
  8. Duniya :: Alpha Yaya Diallo (pick)
  9. A Wing And A Prayer (Mo Funk Remix) :: Laurel MacDonald (pick)
  10. Agua Bendita :: Juan-Carlos Formell
  11. Dyngyldai (Transglobal Underground Remix) :: Yat-Kha (pick)
  12. Vihma (Fantastic Plastic Machine Remix) :: Varttina (pick)
  13. Regreso De Jicotea :: Juan-Carlos Formell