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So it arrives, like a beautiful alien from another planet, the beats and breaths from the imaginings of front woman Dierdre Dubois of Ekova. Her debut solo venture One stands as no less than a testament to what can be accomplished when one takes a moment to think of something to say over electronic music. It's not an easy feat by any means. No less in French, English and Dierdre-ese.

From the opening punches of "Waiting for Springtime" you know this chick's serious. Collaborating with the likes of America's Karsh Kale, France's (via Canada) Wayne Frost and French electronist Criket only makes her that more legit. Whether contemplating a close friend's passing of cancer, an Irish-sounding folk ballad turned jazz n' bass under Kale's watchful eye, or covering the Moody Blues, Dierdre never loses focus on setting a firm foothold on her funky vibeology. "I will probably keep writing lyrics, but I will also keep signing without them, because the abstract is a really interesting landscape to work on." She freely changes channels between English and Dierdre-ese, the native language of her mind. But this is not confusing to the uninitiated. In fact it serves to compound the originality and intrigue of this cd.

After such an introduction, "Firefly" doesn't lose ground demanding attention as punky new wave synthlines dance with slinky vocals from Dierdre. Following is the supersexy and very moody "Nights in White Satin" cover. Dierdre has driven the yearning Moody Blues classic to an smokey obsession. Very nice cut.

"A Maid in Love" with Karsh Kale at the helm is the first lullaby of three on the disc, this one sporting dnb shocks underneath.

While the disc shines with many gems, there are few rough spots: the rock-like vocals on "Close to Us" prove a bit inaccessible compared to the rest of the offerings, and the spacey spoken word joint with cacophonous electronix directly after doesn't help the situation much. But this is art, and she's allowed to do what she wants. Sudden deepness finds us on track 10 with the second lullaby "Thoughts of You." Making sure you don't fall asleep however "Lolita Nie En Bloc" angrily freaks you back life.

The nicest, most sincere melody is the final cleansing tide of the final lullaby "One of Your Smiles," baptismal in a sense for the circular journey about the begin once the cd revolves back to track one, waiting for springtime....

ethnotechno rating: 4 out of 5
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  1. Waiting for Spring (pick)
  2. Firefly (pick)
  3. Nights in White Satin (pick)
  4. More Than the Ocean
  5. A Maid in Love (pick)
  6. B.A.C.H.
  7. Close to Us
  8. Sweet and Sticky Perfume
  9. A Way to Love
  10. Thoughts of You
  11. Lolita Nie En Bloc
  12. One of Your Smiles (pick)