Dhol Foundation :: Big Drum Small World
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What in God's name would happen if Transglobal Underground, Afrocelt Sound System and Fun-Da-Mental had a three-way and someone's birth control didn't work?

Why, Dhol Foundation, of course.
I had passed over this cd several times, fearing it would be chock-full-o the same bhangra beats I was watching hottie Punjabi chicks bounce around to, but when Virgin Megastore finally put it on a listening station, I mustered up the courage to ignore Fox 5's "investigation" into the cleanliness of the headphones there and gave this phattie a spin.

Man alive, was I glad I did. This cd redefines the dhol and what can be cone with it. Johnny Kalsi from the Afrocelt Sound System and Transglobal Underground heads up this effort with the first two tracks, Eik Din 1 & 2, paralleling ACSS's North 1 & 2 perfectly in structure and energy. That's not a bad thing, since ACSS's Further in Time kicks ass. "Big Drum, Small World" also boasts a track entitled "Iridian" which explores the similarities between Irish and Indian home notes (home notes are key 'homebase' notes that are the skeleton which scale sets are built upon).

Other notables are "Shin The Mechanic" featuring Natacha Atlas and the Bollywoodish "Seven Heaven" where you can almost see Shah Rukh running atop a Swiss Alp towards Priety... hope he doesn't slip on some goat shit and roll off a cliff.

One good thing about bhangra and the dhol is that it's a 500-year-old traditional Indian dance music that's not afraid of change. Artists such as Fun-Da-Mental and Daler Mehndi and a host of others update the authentic dance beats with club atmospherics to bring bhangra into the 21st century. And as far as I know, no one's pissed off at them. But I'm sure there's some old dude sitting in a tiny apartment in the UK that feels his offense transcends the music...

ethnotechno rating: 3.5 out of 5
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  1. Eik Din Part 1 (pick)
  2. Eik Din Part 2 (pick)
  3. Iridian (pick)
  4. Healing With Turmeric
  5. Shin The Mechanic (pick)
  6. Poseidon
  7. Seven Heaven (pick)
  8. TDF Meets DCS
  9. Tere Bina
  10. Big Drum Small World
  11. Colours Of Punjab
  12. Drummer's Reel