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So, this is one of those cds that I got in the mail, only hearing a few tracks online, not really knowing what to expect. The sound here is unlike anything else out there. At times it feels like Erasure ("More Than Words Reveal") and at times it feels like a Phish Jam ("Joy One Last Time"). But overall, what Deep delivers is a new sound, a new concept in "asian" music. It seems that Deep is approaching the tunes differently than everyone else, instead of trying to make Indian music sound Western, he is making Western music sound Indian.

Then there are the lyrics. In English.
This unto itself renders the music more accessible to western ears than it's Hindi-driven counterparts elsewhere. Bollywood sensibilities of the male/female duo are reflected in the same vain here, with themes ranging from drinking to love loss (which may lead to the aforementioned drinking). Quite relatable if you're the semi-adventurous type that's had relationships and tasted alcohol...

The sound has an 80's New Wave flavour to it, but the South Asian angle on the vibe makes it all the more interesting. My only criticism of this sound would be the male vocals (Deep's I'd assume). They work in some tracks ("Joy One Last Time," "I believe I" and "Laugh") and fall flat in others such as "Dirty." And this is unfortunate since the lyrics in all the tracks are simply gorgeous. Sometimes, it feels as if Deep is reaching into my innermost private thoughts, and sonically delivering back to me my emotions verbatim.

The final result:
an artist worth watching in the coming years as his sound progresses and matures.

ethnotechno rating: 3.5 out of 5
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  1. Intro
  2. Don't Take the Sun Away (pick)
  3. Destiny
  4. More Than Words Reveal
  5. I Believe I (pick)
  6. Castle
  7. Laugh (pick)
  8. Dirty
  9. Drowning in a Cup
  10. Joy One Last Time (pick)
  11. As it Happens (pick)
  12. Outro