dZihan & Kamien :: Gran Riserva
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Their name is synonymous with deep, full-on, unadulterated FLAVOUR.

For quite some time now this Viennese duo has been rocking my frickin world as dZihan & Kamien and previously as MC Sultan (years before I would even start this website). I said it before and I'll say it again, they continue to prove to be one of my favourite artists on the 6D roster. d&K never disappoint, and this holds just as true with their latest effort.

I had received this supremely pleasurable joint from the label a month before it hit the streets, but only now have recovered fully enough to write the review (ok, i wanted to keep it a secret from you so it would be all that more special to me). But now that the word is out, here's mine:

The sensual Arabic overtones in the previous album are now more subdued, and blend into the background so effortlessly that it may slip past one's ears into the subconscious, conjuring visions of Moroccan dance clubs and, oh, i dunno, really good pitabread. After you wonder where these visuals are coming from, get a good set of headphones, like Grados or something, and take another listen. Then, it'll hit you.

Along the way, track 5's triphoppy "Drophere" featuring Ma.Dita hits the atmosphere in such a way as to make it start raining on a sunny day. And as that passes like a love lost, you're ready to dance again at the end with "Gutenmorgenduft."

Definitely a party-pleaser.

ethnotechno rating: 4 out of 5
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  1. Stiff Jazz
  2. Basmati
  3. Ford Transit (pick)
  4. Sliding (pick)
  5. Drophere (pick)
  6. Where's Johny Sabatino
  7. Deep Kitsch
  8. Airport (pick)
  9. Dundadeova
  10. Thrill
  11. Gutenmorgenduft