Black Star Liner :: Twelve Inch Confrontation Mix
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A fan in Germany writes to ask if I've ever heard of Black Star Liner. I reply that I have, but haven't put any up on the radio since there was so much of it to sift through. They have upwards of 13 albums out, a good amount of remix-stuff. But after some research, I finally found the album worth shelling out dollar$ for: the Twelve Inch Confrontation Mix.

It's unlike anything else out there: fully realized trans-desi electronica. Some of the music is old, coming from EPs as early as 1994, but the music kicks and is worth several listens. Apparently, this stuff was way ahead of it's time since BSL decided to take cuts from previous releases to compile the 12" mixes released in February of 2000. The sound on this EP is sublime and timeless. Predominantly north-indian in nature, the cd boasts excellent drum+base, melodic CornerShop loops, spacey bhangra dhols, loungy atmospheres, aggressive beats, a rap joint and overall trippi-genics. This is a great cd to have in your machine.

ethnotechno rating: 4 out of 5
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  1. Harmon Looproot (pick)
  2. Annadrone
  3. Killah Connection
  4. Killah Connection (mix) (pick)
  5. Yeboah's Jawz
  6. Distoten Excursion Version
  7. Duggie Dohl
  8. Yemen Cutta Connection Dub (pick)
  9. Harmon Session Special
  10. Harmon Dub (pick)
  11. Harmon Harroot
  12. Duggie Dohl Caffrey Stretch Out (pick)
  13. Jazzaad Rodeo