Bebel Gilberto :: Tanto Tempo Remixes
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Bebel Gilberto is doing for modern Bossa Nova what Caetano Veloso did two generations ago for Tropicalia, bringing Brazilian music and culture to global masses. Her stunningly successful Tanto Tempo is still in heavy rotation in cafes and lounges worldwide, light years ahead of her previously mediocre De Tarde, Vendo O Mar. The daughter of Bossa innovator João Gilberto, you could say music is in her genes. Tanto Tempo proved that sentiment.

In an effort to reach a different audience, Remixes was born. 13 DJs and producers were commissioned to liven up the slow, swirling sounds of Tanto Tempo, and for the most part pulled it off. Rae & Christian's retransmission of "Bananeira" fuels a guitar-driven melody with hip-hop backbeat, adding about 100 octane to the original. A similarly inspired reworking comes via Peter Kruder (of Kruder & Dorfmeister fame), taking the lonesome, airy whim of the title track and laying a bouncing bassline so catchy patrons have no choice but to get their boogie on (this particular cut will also be known by fans of Earth N Bass).

A bubbling remix of "Sem Conencão" via the usually-mundane Trüby Trio, as well as a Brazilified rendering of the same cut by Sin Plomo, give Remixes a nice edge. But it's the barely-touched version of the beautiful "Mais Feliz," where Monoaural actually adds space to the original with poignant production, that emerges the victor. The song moves like a dream, much like Gilberto herself. Remixes is both ode and aspect, a dedication to Gilberto's young career and a solid album on its own merit.

ethnotechno rating: 3.5 out of 5
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  1. Bananeira (Remixed by Rae & Christian) (pick)
  2. Sem ContenÁão (Remixed by Trüby Trio)
  3. August Day Song (Remixed by Chateau Flight)
  4. Tanto Tempo (Remixed by Peter Kruder) (pick)
  5. Mais Feliz (Remixed by Monoaural) (pick)
  6. So Nice (Summer Samba) (Remixed by Mario Caldato Jr.)
  7. Alguém (Remixed by Ananda Project)
  8. Sem ContenÁão (Remixed by Sin Plomo)
  9. Close Your Eyes (Remixed by Faze Action)
  10. August Day Song (Remixed by Da Lata)
  11. Tanto Tempo (Remixed by Chari Chari)
  12. Samba da BenÁão (Remixed by 4hero)
  13. August Day Song (Remixed by King Britt)