Banco de Gaia :: the Magical Sounds of Banco de Gaia
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So what the hell does "Banco de Gaia" mean anyway? Well, according to his site, 'Banco de Gaia' was, "... a revolutionary mexican poet who wrote an epic poem about the american president being eaten by a giant chinchilla."

OR, "Banco de Gaia is a traditional albanian folk dance in which the women get to beat the men over the head with dried goat's tails." Or perhaps, "Banco de Gaia is a bank in a small town in Portugal..."

In any event, Banco kicks ass, and has now delved into the asian massive movement by remixing Karsh Kale's "Distance" single.

This cd came out the summer of 1999 when widelegs were just starting to die out and the 80's skinny tie with one-and-a-half-size-too-small blazer/jeans combo enjoyed a brief resurgence. What does any of this have to do with Banco? Absolutely nothing. But the Magical Sounds of Banco de Gaia will make the drums in your ears rumble.

ethnotechno rating: 4 out of 5
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  1. I Love Baby Cheesy (pick)
  2. Harvey And The Old Ones (pick)
  3. Sinhala
  4. Touching The Void
  5. 144K?
  6. Frog's Dinner
  7. Glove Puppet
  8. No Rain (pick)