Banco de Gaia :: 10 Years
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So this guy has been active for a long time.
Churning out albums since 1991, each shifting the focus dial a notch higher for finer tuning. And to bundle all that effort comes 10 Years, a retrospective double CD compilation featuring 19 tracks from Banco's jukebox of worldly-electronica.

Contrary to the suggestive title "10 Years," the album was designed to eliminate any kind of chronology altogether, allowing his ten-year-wide spectrum of tunes to elude the constricting objectivity of time and establish a flowing theme: the sounds of Banco de Gaia, and just that. The compilation is divided into two, the first disc highlighting his up tempo, techno-laden compositions that have not failed over the past 10 years to move many parts of the body (and mind, might I add). From techno to breakbeat to ethnic to whatever Banco feels like doing, it's all here. From the epic melodrama of "Last Train to Lhasa," to the percussive battle of " How Much Reality Can You Take," the catchy banter in "I Love Baby Cheesy (Skippy Mix)" that has been a true dancehall hit, and the Arabesque style in "Mafich Arabi" and "Sakarya," you'll find something to like.

The second disc takes a deep dive in terms of tempo, bringing about the chill side of Banco. Each track is in average a good nine minutes, and its style is very reminiscent of the whole Buddha Bar/Bar de Lune fiasco.... suitable for the older crowd maybe?

Whatever it is, for the young and the old, for the dancers and the drinkers, it is the genuine sound of Banco de Gaia over the past decade, an emphasis on his hits, a resurrection of his older wonders, and one killer cd cover.

ethnotechno rating: 3 out of 5
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Disc: 1
  1. Heliopolis (Redwood Mix) (pick)
  2. Kincajou
  3. Drippy (pick)
  4. Last Train to Lhasa
  5. How Much Reality Can You Take? (Jack Dangers Mix)
  6. I Love Baby Cheesy (Skippy Mix) (pick)
  7. Obsidian (pick)
  8. Mafich Arabi
  9. Sakarya
  10. Drunk as a Monk
  11. Data Inadequate

Disc: 2
  1. Desert Wind (featuring Ofra Haza)
  2. Celestine
  3. Shanti (Black Mountain Mix)
  4. Sinhala
  5. 887 (Structure)
  6. Gizeh
  7. Touching the Void
  8. Amber (Insect Intelligence)