Badmarsh & Shri :: Signs
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Hooverphonic meets Thievery Corporation meets Talvin. And there's no way that freaky hybrid could suck. This albums blows Dancing Drums out of the toilet.

I can't accept the sheer magnitude of Badmarsh & Shri's breadth of vision. It is too perfect.

This is not like what Karsh of Talvin are doing, but something quite different altogether. Asian space-lounge, perhaps. Would you like some garam masala in your martini? If you're looking to be introduced to b+s, this is the album to do it with. The first track "Signs" is a remake of Tenor Saw's 'Lots of Sign' as is 'Get Up' a reinterpretation of the funk classic James Brown joint. The rest of the album fills your head with various visions of smoov and cool, hot and red.

They have truly defined their own genre of music.

ethnotechno rating: 4 out of 5
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  1. Signs
  2. Swarm
  3. Get Up (pick)
  4. Mountain Path (pick)
  5. Day By Day (pick)
  6. Soaring Beyond
  7. Sajanna (pick)
  8. Tribal
  9. Bang (pick)
  10. The Last Mile
  11. Appa