Natacha Atlas :: the Remix Collection
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With only 5 tunes comprising 9 separate tracks in this set, each is different enough from the other remix of the same tune that it warrants further listens. "Yalla Chant" gets twisted three times, while "Duden" and "Amulet" enjoy two reinterpretations each, leaving Klute's "One Brief Moment" and Bullitnuts' "Bastet", the later of which could've been developed into something really special instead of the same boring loop over and over again, and the former being perhaps the best tune on this cd.

I was glad to see Banco, Talvin, and TGU's names in the list of masters remixing a master, but it would've truly been interesting to witness the results that Fun-da-mental, Karsh, or even Bjork could have come up with given the quality of the base material... maybe for the next one.

ethnotechno rating: 3.5 out of 5
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