Six Degrees Series :: Asian Travels 2
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So here we are: the much anticipated follow-up to the highly successful Asian Travels will be hitting the street on May 14th. Is it worth it? Sure...if you consider the current competition.

This summer will be seeing even more compilations squeezed into the narrow "pan-asian" box, and this is one you may want to spend your hard-earned flow on since it features cuts and remixes that you won't find elsewhere for at least ten months (give or take a week).

Opening with Banco de Gaia's mix of Karsh's "Distance,"Asian Travels 2 journeys on to deliver sublime hits such as the Mantra mix of Makyo's classic "Devadasi" and the PunditZ' "Aaja re," along with exclusive tracks from Karsh Kale (a sweet downbeat version of "Deepest Blue"), Govinda and Jairamji.

This compilation marks the PundtZ' US debut, with a full album to be released in September. Big Ups Gaurav and Tapan, it's about time... and speaking of shouts, this comp is dedicated by the 6D crew to George Harrison....

All in all, Asian Travels 2 may not be as groundbreaking as the original, but the it proves the art of Indotronic Vibology™ is as refined as ever.

...So, please, stop calling it a "concept."

ethnotechno rating: 3.5 out of 5
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  1. Karsh Kale :: Distance [Banco de Gaia Remix] (pick)
  2. Outside :: Red Earth (pick)
  3. Govinda :: Slow Devotion
  4. MIDIval PunditZ :: "Aaja re"
  5. Makyo :: Devadasi [Mantra Mix] (pick)
  6. Banco de Gaia :: How Much Reality Can You Take? [Radio Mix]
  7. Karsh Kale :: Deepest Blue [KK's Deepest Brooklyn Mix] (pick)
  8. Jairamji :: Swaragami
  9. Bob Holroyd :: Adrift in Kerala
  10. dj Cheb i Sabbah :: Tum Bin Shyam