Drum & Tribe Cyber Jam-Asian Breakbeats Vol. 1
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Interesting it would be to see how many radio stations in the world are dedicated to Asian Underground or even allot airtime to it.

The Drum & Tribe logo emerged in collaboration with Berlin radio station MultiKulti where musicians, DJs, and producers investigated to find the cut between roots music and electronic breakbeat club tracks. From that escapade came the Cyber Jam series (alongside a live club and a radio club), where Berlin producer and remixer Genetic druGs presents us with his selection of "roots-meets-technology."

The back sleeve says: From the past to the future, the best of Asian underground. Indeed. The prize of this selection is the inclusion of artists we would otherwise never have heard of. With the "in-all-compilations" bunch like Badmarsh & Shri, Joi, Nitin Sawhney, and Ananda Shankar come the fresh.

Newer artists from the Outcaste label (Mo Magic and Ges-E + Usman) who are mainly publicized only on their label's own compilations, Recycler, the French duo with their rhythmic acid-bhangra, and Genetic druGs himself, teaming with santoor virtuoso Nandkishor Muley and German drum n bass producer Jasmon with samples taken from a Rajasthani gypsy band.

With a mix of the best old-timers and the new, this disc journeys through Asian Underground in a unique way, not cutting any corners. Raw.

It's just a pain to wait for Vol. 2.

ethnotechno rating: 4.5 out of 5
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  1. Welcome :: Genetic druGs
  2. Feelings :: Mo Magic (pick)
  3. Rebel Warrior :: Asian Dub Foundation
  4. Migration :: Nitin Sawhney
  5. Asian Vibes :: Joi (pick)
  6. Lament :: Badmarsh
  7. Surfer :: Genetic druGs feat. Nandkishor Muley
  8. Dah-Din Beats :: Ges-E +Usman (pick)
  9. Chidamabaram :: Genetic druGs & Jasmon
  10. The Love Song :: Recycler
  11. Lost Ferquencies :: Genetic druGs & Jasmon
  12. Fingers :: Joi
  13. Dancing Drums :: Anada Shankar
  14. Look Out :: Genetic druGs