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You didn't get the memo?

Next to arab electronica, 'asian lounge' is the next big thing.
DJ Lee Morillo does spectacular work in compiling some of the best downbeats I have heard in some time. My only criticism would be that there is not one drop of T.J. Rehmi or Badmarsh & Shri, the guys I am crowning kings of the laid-back mehfil, to be found.

As with most compilations (see the *Beats series), it seems as if these djs are shying away from the REAL South-Asian down-tempo pioneers. Everything has to get filtered through the French or Italian club scene to find its way onto a large compilation such as this (again, see the *Beats series). Maybe in time the massive will be learned of the true nature of the "beat"...

So, keeping in mind that there isn't anything too 'asian' about this double-cd set, the music is must-have material for any cat who knows what good music is (regardless of the fact that the cover and name are just marketing ploys). Thievery Corporation make's their inescapable appearance as well as a Nusrat remix and a Talvin joint.

These are the tunes to skip over since they are on every other compilation you own with a picture of some far-off eastern deity decorating the cover. Then, the true flow makes itself known with artists such as Aromabar, dZihan & Kamien, and Sound Surgeons.

ethnotechno rating: 4 out of 5
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Disc: 1
  1. Lebanese Blonde :: Thievery Corporation
  2. A New Beginning :: S-Tone Inc.
  3. Fever (Steve Hillage Remix) :: Stereo MCs
  4. Binti :: Da Lata (pick)
  5. Hypnotic Drugstore :: Jimi Tenor
  6. Let The Sun Cheyenne :: Soul Drummers (pick)
  7. Every Day :: Hefner
  8. Siam Romance :: Brown, Smith & Grey
  9. Niji :: United future Organization
  10. Sand & Stones & Bricks & Rocks :: Aromabar (pick)
  11. Streets of Istanbul (pick)
  12. Light :: Talvin Singh
  13. Najeema :: Sound Surgeons (pick)
  14. Conte D Automne :: Jeff Sharel

Disc: 2
  1. Voladores :: Alien Soap Opera (pick)
  2. Anything Mentioned? :: Calcutta Offroad
  3. I'm The Instrument :: Nigel Hayes
  4. Starstruck :: Minus 8
  5. Swoundosophy :: Marschmellows
  6. Yemen Cutta Connection Dub :: Black Star Liner (pick)
  7. Gizeh :: Banco De Gaia
  8. Kirwani :: Jolly Mukherjee with the Madras Cinematic Orchestra
  9. Star Rise (My Heart My Life Remix) :: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael
  10. Sly (7" edit) :: Massive Attack
  11. Pre 63 :: Groove Armada (pick)