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come to an end

EthnoTechno.com was founded in 2001 by dimmSummer to service the growing left-field Asiatic music industry. As evidenced in many of the online interviews our main goal was to take the sounds of the diaspora back to it’s source: South Asia. That goal is now a reality where many of the founding artists of the “scene” from the UK, US and other parts of the world are finding a new and enthusiastic audience in the motherlands.

As that goal has been reached we’ve all moved onto more exciting endeavours… In May 2012 the radio station via Live365 will run it’s final program. We thank all the devoted listeners over the last 10 years and suggest services like Spotify and Pandora to continue to feed your need for the eclectic, different and worldly.

We also recommend these great blogs for more up to date musical musings: Nada Brahma, Globetronica, The Imported Goods & Delhi’s own The Wild City.


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