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come to an end

EthnoTechno.com was founded in 2001 by dimmSummer to service the growing left-field Asiatic music industry. As evidenced in many of the online interviews our main goal was to take the sounds of the diaspora back to it’s source: South Asia. That goal is now a reality where many of the founding artists of the “scene” from the UK, US and other parts of the world are finding a new and enthusiastic audience in the motherlands.

As that goal has been reached we’ve all moved onto more exciting endeavours… In May 2012 the radio station via Live365 will run it’s final program. We thank all the devoted listeners over the last 10 years and suggest services like Spotify and Pandora to continue to feed your need for the eclectic, different and worldly.

We also recommend these great blogs for more up to date musical musings: Nada Brahma, Globetronica, The Imported Goods & Delhi’s own The Wild City.

10 years

Today ethnotechno.com turns 10 years old. It’s been a long journey and we thank all the artists, fans and writers!

Cheb i Sabbah in the fight for his life

Music pioneer and dear friend Cheb i Sabbah has been diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. He desperately needs your help. If you’ve been listening to the station for 10 years or 1, you’ll have come across ChebiJi’s music many times.

Please give what you can: ChebiSabbah.org. Don’t put it off until tomorrow, donate now.

SUB continental BASS video – over 10,000 views today alone!

… and the night still young ๐Ÿ˜‰
grab the galactic bass Ship here: http://j.mp/subbass

bant singh project remixes

our good friend Nada:Brahma has put up a nice post on the superbly righteous Bant Singh Project

“His daugther is raped by “higher caste” men, he takes them to court and wins, they beat him up and cut off his limbs leaving him for dead, the hospital refuse to treat him as he is considered an “untouchable” and after all that he survives!!!! his message through music … powerful and moving!”
~ Sanjay Kundalia (Nada:Brahma)

new dimmSummer mix for BBC Friction show

dimmSummer’s #bassPorn mix for Bobby Friction BBC by highchai



bloke carries a tune


xfm signs mary anne hobbs

First Lady of Bass Mary Anne Hobbs returns to the air (or should we say SPACE?) through XFM satellite radio! Brand new Saturday show prime time from July 9th 2011… Audio Postcards beginning on the US Road Warrior Tour from April 13th.
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BBC reverses decision to close the Asian Network

The BBC has reversed its decision to close the Asian Network digital radio station รขโ‚ฌโ€œ but will look to cut its budget in half.

The decision will be warmly welcomed by the station’s staff and listeners, but the corporation’s critics will view it as its second embarrassing U-turn, a year after the BBC Trust rebuffed management plans to close its sister digital station, 6 Music.

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